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Shawnee Kansas City Hall with Rev. Jeanie for Shawnee City Council
Rev. Jeanie for Shawnee portrait

As your city council member, I will:

  • Focus on Shawnee – provide excellent services while keeping taxes under control.

  • Promote sustainable, livable neighborhoods – for young adults, families, and older adults.

  • Maintain & improve our small-town heritage – especially our parks & recreation.

  • Communicate – within City Hall and with residents. We need collaboration.

  • Work toward a welcoming environment for everyone – all ages and all backgrounds.

We Did it, Shawnee

Thank you to everyone who supported us; to everyone who helped us; and especially to everyone who trusted us with their vote.

Please continue to follow on my website and on Facebook. We'll post regular updates as we begin the real work for the city and people of Shawnee.

We want to hear from you via email, text, or Facebook comment.

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Gun Sense Candidate
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